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Market Research Surprise

When was the last time you were SURPRISED by your research results?

Did you learn anything of value? Or did it just reinforce what you already know? Research isn't research if it doesn't uncover something new. Something unexpected. Something you didn't know about your customers, your marketing, your product.

It's not always a big surprise. It might just be a slightly different way to think about your product or service. Or it could uncover your brand's core positioning and consumer promise. We call it the right amount of surprise. A little extra knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. That kind of power can be the difference between a good product and a great one. We use cultural anthropologists. Psychologists. Advanced statisticians. Folks who can look beneath the surface to find real nuggets of truth.

In a world of cookie-cutter market research, wouldn't you rather have cake?

By starting with the critical business decisions you need to make, we recommend the market research technique that makes the most sense for your project. Because of the wide range of techniques available to us, we are able to adapt our research methodology to the specific business challenges that you face, rather than force-fitting your needs into pre-defined research packages or formats.

Contact us with a research challenge to see what we can do for you.

Market Research Services Focus Groups/Individual Interviews
Real-Life Observation/Ethnography
Concept Testing/Evaluation
In-Home Use Testing/IHUTs
Using Psychology to "Get" Consumers
Market Segmentation and Modeling
Dial Testing/Real-Time Feedback
Survey Design