Concept Testing

Concept Testing

How do you know if your idea is a good one?

Every product or service available started out as an idea. And at each stage of development there are a many critical decisions to makee. But, as you likely know, a lot of money has been spent developing products that fail when they go to market.

How do you know you are making the right choices? Concept testing is a great tool that can be used at various stages as a reality check, starting with assessing the value of your idea in its most basic form and carrying all the way though to actual product development.

That's why there's no such thing as a simple "concept test" - in fact, there are a lot of different techniques for concept testing, including exploratory focus groups, online screenings of multiple new ideas, quali-quant dial testing and full-blown concept/home use tests.

Depending on your idea's stage of development, concept testing can be used to meet a number of objectives, such as:

How appealing is the basic idea and should it be developed further? What could be improved to make the concept more attractive?
For more than one idea which should be eliminated? Which potential customer segment(s) does this conccept appeal to?
What is its main advantage or benefit? What is this concept's estimated market potential?
What is the value of the various concept features? How well does the product match expectations of the concept?

Concept testing is only as good as the concept itself. As well as designing and conducting concept testing, we can provide direction on the concept format, content, layout and presentation based on many years of testing ideas in all product categories.

Reach out to us to see which type of concept testing is right for your new product or service idea.

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