Using Psychology to "Get" Consumers

What consumers DON'T say can really matter

Deep Dive Analysis

Consumer interactions with products and services don't occur on a purely rational level. Deeply-held values influence the way your target audience thinks, feels and responds to your various offerings. Speaking to consumers at this sub-conscious level can make the difference between simple awareness of a product and a product they "have to have".

Unlocking the keys to behavior

Much research simply skims the surface of consumer attitudes and opinions, failing to explore the unspoken but very powerful drivers of behavior. There is a hidden world of unconscious and unstated needs which can be a rich source of information for marketers, but is virtually impossible to access just by asking people why they do what they do.

Imagine if you knew the unconscious programs that are integral to your consumer's belief systems? By knowing these critical motivators, you can communicate to your consumers in ways that are understood by their "hearts" instead of their "heads", giving you valuable tools to exert real influence over their behavior. Think about your own behavior:

  1. Do you always say what you mean?
  2. Do you always do what you say you will do?
  3. Do you always know why you do the things you do?

Using the expertise of our staff psychologist, Thelma Beam, we can cost-effectively incorporate long-established methods of psychoanalytic analysis into practically any project, whether qualitative or quantitative. These techniques can be as simple as asking consumers to write stories about a particular topic or to bring in pictures or objects as a homework assignment prior to focus groups or individual interviews. Gather enough of these and we can conduct a "Deep-Dive" analysis of the unconscious drivers that are influencing your customers.

In a particularly memorable project, Thelma uncovered what it really means to share a glass of wine with another person. Needless to say, it means a lot more than simply getting a buzz. Talk to us to see how we could use these powerful tools in your next project.

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