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With insightful decision-making as our goal, we work with you and your marketing team to create a comprehensive and customized approach to your research needs.

  • We start with the questions that have to be answered, identifying the vital information you need to make effective business decisions.
  • We design a research plan to provide the data and analysis to answer these critical questions, keeping your budget and timelines in mind and knowing that you need research that provides the most "bang for your buck."
  • We apply our research and analytical tools - leading-edge, wide-ranging and flexible - to provide the market insights you require.
  • We present actionable findings in an understandable and compellingly visual way.
  • We make recommendations that are effective because our emphasis is client-driven and decision-specific.

Keeping Your Objectives In Mind

By starting with the critical business decisions you need to make, we recommend the market research technique that makes the most sense for your project. Because of the wide range of techniques available to us, we are able to adapt our research methodology to the specific business challenges that you face, rather than force-fitting your needs into pre-defined research packages or formats.

Not Just Data

We work very hard to synthesize research findings so that we don't simply deliver "what they said," we tell you "what it means." Our intent is not to simply collect data but, rather, to design research studies that are linked to strategic outcomes such as brand building, imagery and repurchase behavior in addition to traditional market research variables such as attitudes and perceptions.

Compellingly Visual

You shouldn't have to draw your own conclusions or work to understand our reports. Our approach to research is distinct because we also show you "what it means." We are passionate about making the information we collect compellingly visual. Our report capabilities help you get the most out of the information by summarizing the results in fully illustrated, graphical reports that are simple to read and use. In addition to our considerable research expertise, we want you to be able to see the "story" behind the results.

Working Together

We are not statistical analysts -- we are business analysts. In addition to seeing ourselves as research professionals, we also see ourselves as business colleagues and partners. From our promise to begin every project with the end in mind to presenting actionable recommendations in a compellingly visual way, Gray Insight Research is committed to your success.


At Gray Insight, even though we are experts at data collection, our fundamental philosophy is based on the "full service" research model. Although we understand that not all projects require survey design and/or analysis, we believe that all projects can benefit from our experience in these areas. This is just another way that Gray Insight Research is distinct from other research companies -- our partnership approach defines the way we work with our clients, employees and suppliers. It incorporates many of the intangible elements that lead to real results, including understanding each other's goals, fostering a collaborative approach throughout the research process and implementing simpler, more effective processes. This spirit of in-depth cooperation is at the very heart of how we would work with you, regardless of your project scope or research budget, enabling you to achieve measurably faster, better and more sustainable results.

The Gray Insight approach keeps budgets in line and maximizes the value of all projects. There is no need to pay for information you don't need to make effective decisions. You won't be paying for "nice to know" information but only for the information you need to assure that you're making the right marketing decisions and investments.


When you need online research, Gray Insight Research gives you access to the world's leading online panel services. All panelists are profiled on hundreds of attributes, undergo a rigorous recruiting process and are well-compensated for their efforts. Strict online and offline recruiting methods are employed to promote continuous and diverse panel growth. All panels are carefully managed to maintain first-rate sample quality and to avoid respondent fatigue.

We can also provide access to low-incidence groups and hard-to-reach demographics through a range of specialty panels, meaning that we reach targeted populations with ease.

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